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Wireless sensors built for horticulture

Preview of the sensor catalogueDesigned for accuracy, flawless connectivity and remote placement: 30MHz tools are built to withstand the elements in all growing contexts. Build your own wireless sensor network within your greenhouses with a combination of preferred sensors. Add new data sources at any time. All sensors arrive pre-configured and ready to deploy out of the box with the new Connect casing included.

You will find the specifications and pricing of the sensors in the 30MHz Sensor Catalogue.

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Create valuable insights

Our wireless sensors are available together with the 30MHz platform. We are happy to explain why this is connected. You can’t do much with data alone, by making data visual you get information and valuable insights.

1. Wireless sensors built for horticulture
Our wireless sensors are specifically aimed at the needs of modern horticulture. Measure variables that matter, such as VPD, dew point, moisture deficit, EC, VWC, temperature, light intensity, relative humidity and CO2. All sensors come to you pre-set and can be used immediately. All sensors are supplied with a Connect casing, which is included with the product.

2. Build your reliable location network
Ensure a guaranteed reliable network that operates in even the most severe conditions and provides network access in the most remote locations.

3. Communicate with your sensors in one platform
Once your sensors have been installed and your digital infrastructure is in place, our data platform will help you to provide the right insights. The platform retrieves accurate, real-time data from 30MHz sensors and climate systems. You can easily translate this data into insightful graphs, diagrams and heatmaps. You can also set notifications and share dashboards.

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Wireless sensors for your greenhouse

Build your unlimited network

  • Gateway: Central access point for network connections. Supports up to 4,000 sensors. Also available for 4G connection.
  • Repeater: Strengthens the network through the greenhouse or polytunnel for optimal connectivity.
  • Connect casing: Every 30MHz sensor comes with a Connect casing. This hardware transfers the measurements of the connected sensor to your 30MHz platform.

Soil monitoring

  • Substrate Moisture sensor: Monitor water content (VWC), electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature. Adjustable calibrations available for any medium.
  • Potted Soil Moisture sensor: Measure water content (VWC) in potted soils and substrates.
  • Arable Soil Moisture sensor: Monitor water content (VWC) in field soils or substrates.
  • Weight Scale: This weight scale measures the weight of your pots and trays continuously. Enabling you to check if your plants need water.

Radiation monitoring

  • Net Radiation meter: Designed for routine measurement of net radiation: the balance between incoming and outgoing radiation, which influences crop health.
  • PAR sensor: Analog full spectrum quantum sensor designed to measure the strength of natural or artificial light.

Climate monitoring

  • Pointed Micro Climate sensor: This radiation protected sensor measures ambient temperature, humidity and surface temperature. Based on these measurements further calculations such as VPD, dewpoint, relative humidity, absolute humidity and humidity deficit are calculated.
  • Vented Temperature & Humidity sensor: This sensor tracks the ambient temperature and the relative humidity.
  • Pointed Temperature sensor: Point the sensor at the crop you want to monitor and track the temperature of fruits, vegetables or leaves from a distance.
  • Temperature Humidity sensor: Track storage & environmental conditions in real-time.
  • Temperature sensor (PT 100): Capture data on temperature from crops in storage, liquids or raw materials (choice of 20 or 30 cm).
  • CO2 sensor: Monitor carbon dioxide levels in your growing environment. 0-2000PPM. This sensor requires a power plug and is not wireless!
  • Airflow sensor: Measures both air speed and air direction. With its accuracy it registers even the lowest wind speeds.

Weather monitoring

  • Wind Direction sensor: Get more control over the airflow in your growing environments by measuring the direction of wind and other air flows.
  • Wind Speed sensor: Monitor weather conditions at different spots in the growing environment. This sensor measures wind speeds up to 55 m/s and is therefore also suitable for outdoor measurement.
  • Rain sensor: Rain, hail, snow, sleet: This sensor tracks all forms of precipitation. It measures the rain intensity, size and type.