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Pointed Micro Climate sensor

Measure VPD, dew point, leaf temperature and much more metrics

“When the health and quality of our product is at stake, it’s crucial that we have accurate data.”
Marcel Fit
Jan De Wit en Zonen
Flower Bulbs
“The port wants to be faster, cleaner and leaner and sensors contribute to this goal. The sensor data gives us the information we need.”
Joost Zuidema
Port of Amsterdam
"The more we measure, the more we know and the better we can arrange our greenhouses."
Sander Berkers
Kwekerij Moors
This sensor combination monitors the microclimate

Designed for measuring VPD, dew point and leaf temperature in greenhouses and polytunnels
This sensor uses leaf temperature and temperature humidity measurements to continuously capture microclimate at close range. Use data from the sensor to better determine heating needs, cutting unnecessary energy expenditures and lowering the risk of plant fungus and disease. A lot of our customers use this sensor for measuring VPD and dew point.

Solar radiation, whether artificial or natural impacts your temperature measurement. Part of the pointed microclimate sensor, the MeteoShield Professional is the most accurate radiation (artificial or natural) shield in the world, especially in low or zero wind conditions as in greenhouses.

A durable, wireless sensor for horticultural applications

MeteoShield® a registered design & trademark of BARANI DESIGN Technologies
For details read the specifications
IP65 watertight
Measures crop temperature
Temperature Humidity sensor
Hood blocks outside temperature
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