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Come join 30MHz

We are the connector within the horticultural sector. Using our first-class digital infrastructure, all areas of knowledge and expertise can become connected. Resulting in the integration and collaboration of the digital, mechanical, biological and human world in horticultural production systems, so that growers can grow their produce in the most efficient and sustainable way. We provide all the elements horticultural businesses need to digitise their locations, centralise their data collection and digitally monitor their crops without technical expertise.

Woman reading Agri magazine behind her laptop in the office

Data-driven breeder

Passionate about plant breeding? Experience with marker technologies? Do you have a vision about how software can shape the future of cultivation? We are looking for an enthusiastic breeder with an affinity for data-driven research and AI.

AgTech business developer

As an impact business developer you’re responsible for building and expanding a network of customers and strategic relationships. Your focus will be on delivering added value in your own unique way.

AgTech business researcher (university internship)

Do you want to make an impact? Don’t dream, but use your own ‘green’ hands? Then this is the internship for you! We are looking for a colleague who conducts data-driven research in high-tech horticulture.

Warmed up?

Do you see yourself as our missing link? Or not sure if it is a match? Send your resume and motivation letter to Jasper van der Auweraert.

Pointed micro climate sensor between basil plants

More about working at 30MHz

30MHz was founded in 2014 by four engineers. They built a big data platform and wireless sensors to provide smart office, smart industry and smart farming solutions. But it soon became clear that the most impact could be made in horticulture. There is so much untapped potential and room for growth when it comes to digital technology in horticulture. We need solutions for sustainable agriculture and food production, and we need them quickly.

That is why, since 2017, we are solely focusing our services on the horticultural sector. We have developed and customised our data platform and wireless infrastructure technologies in close collaboration with leading growers and horticultural research organisations, including Wageningen University, Delphy and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk. Today, 30MHz has over 400+ customers across 35 countries in 6 continents and 2500+ platform users, including growers, consultants and researchers.


Team and culture

At 30MHz we work with about 20 highly skilled international colleagues. We all believe in the cause of 30MHz and are eager make an impact! We all feel responsible for the product and keep improving it as a team. Besides that, we all like to work in a team where you can learn, have great responsibility and have a laugh.


You and 30MHz

As a driven talent, you end up in fertile ground at 30MHz. All the conditions are there for the seed to germinate. Within the structures of 30MHz and the accompanying dynamics of a scale-up, you will have every opportunity to grow quickly.