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See you at GreenTech?

On June 11, 12, and 13 the entire horticulture sector will gather at GreenTech Amsterdam. Visit us at booth 03.404 To discover how we can collaborate: Digital solutions that make it easy to implement data-driven cultivation in practice and optimize your cultivation strategy. Need help with your cultivation questions? The growing kits offer a ready-to-go ...
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​​NEW: Import your data sheets

​​NEW: Import your data sheets Do you manually track the number of trusses your tomato plant has, the height of your plant, the number of buds developed, or the yield achieved? All these plant characteristics are influenced by the greenhouse climate. By importing this type of data into the 30MHz software, you can link these ...
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LED or SON-T: the impact on your climate

LED or SON-T: The Impact on Your Climate Are you in the process of, or considering, switching from SON-T to LED lighting? Besides energy savings, this switch impacts your greenhouse climate. Learn about the three effects you need to monitor. In recent years, LED lighting has become the new standard, replacing the once-dominant HPS (SON-T) ...
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Solving cultivation problems together

As a grower, you understand the challenges in the greenhouse better than anyone. Various factors can affect the quality and yield of your crops. A Champions League grower tackles these challenges and creates an optimal greenhouse climate. What cultivation problems are you encountering? We would love to brainstorm with you, so we have prepared a ...
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Digital Twin at QING

For the innovation project Digital Twin from NXTGEN Hightech, several 30MHz colleagues came together with QING to exchange ideas about digital twins within the Agrifood sector of the future. Want to know more? Check out the (Dutch) video:
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Webinar GDD takeaways

Achieving the highest possible yield and the best crop quality are two goals every grower strives for. To come close to these goals, timing within the growing season is crucial. How do you stay in control throughout the season? One of the ways is to guide your decisions based on Growing Degree Days (GDD). In ...
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Nature restoration law causes commotion

On Tuesday, February 27, the European Parliament approved the nature restoration law. This was an important step towards the restoration of European ecosystems. Or was it not? After all, the Netherlands voted against it. Less than a month later, on Friday, March 22, the law was put on hold. The nature restoration law sets a ...
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HortiContact 5 | 6 | 7 March, see you there?

It’s that time of the year again; the horticulture event HortiContact is just around the corner. From March 5th to 7th, the entire Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector gathers at Evenementenhal Gorinchem. During the 2024 edition, sustainability is one of the 3 main themes. HortiContact provides the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, expand your network, and ...
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Webinar growing degree days

As a grower, you aim to increase yield and improve crop quality. Timing within the growing season is crucial to maximize your crop’s potential. How do you stay in control? One of the tools to get optimal control of your crop are Growing Degree Days (GDD). With the GDD strategy application, you gain quick and ...
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3 practical tips for plant data

To measure is to know. How can collected plant data help in your daily work? Below you will find 3 practical tips. What is the status of my plant? Create an overview (dashboard) of crucial values. Is your VPD within the range of 0.5 and 1.2 kPa? Is the irrigation system working optimally by tracking ...
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