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Greentech still on our mind after 1 week

Looking back on many conversations, directly testing our new RTR application and we can’t agree more with our colleague Wouter. 😉    
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New partnership: Aranet & 30MHz

30MHz and Aranet partner up to form industry-leading wireless sensor solutions for more sustainable horticulture.  We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Aranet. Just like 30MHz, Aranet has been bringing wireless sensor solutions to the horticulture industry in recent years. To provide more added value for growers, we will be collaborating starting from June ...
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New: energy-saving app at Greentech

After a period of BETA testing, we will launch the new RTR energy-saving app at Greentech Amsterdam in 2 weeks. With the help of 3 dedicated customers, the initial tests have gone well and we dare to take the next step. Curious? Come to booth 03.307 on June 13, 14, or 15 and discover these ...
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Cultivation of the future: Beekenkamp x 30MHz

Growing for the future is best done when we do it together. Beekenkamp and 30MHz have been working together for over 5 years. With this bond of trust, it’s possible to critically examine current cultivation solutions and how we can strengthen them in the future. That’s why a joint innovation afternoon was organized in May ...
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Launch news GreenTech

From 13-14-15 June, the sector will come together at GreenTech Amsterdam. We’re looking forward to catching up with professionals from all over the world. Sharing growing strategies, discussing new technologies and doing business. 30MHz is present and counting down to a new launch. What do you think will be launched? Energy savings app New partnership ...
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Beta test: up to 5 percent energy savings with the RTR strategy App

Improve energy consumption and growth of your crop with the Ratio Temperature Radiation or RTR Strategy. This new 30MHz application helps to optimize the temperature & light balance. You design your own RTR strategy or follow an existing strategy. Based on this strategy and the light radiation, the RTR target temperature is calculated automatically. Do ...
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Optimal greenhouse climate at Trueharvest in Texas

Optimal climate in the greenhouse? TrueHarvest Farms is able to monitor the entire growth process with sensors. TrueHarvest is a hydroponic NFT leafy vegetable farm in Texas, US.  Their focus is on producing high quality and nutritious food in the most sustainable way possible. The farm produces multiple types of leafy greens with a fully ...
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Helping growers reign with data

We’re proud to help growers make data-driven decisions to grow more sustainable and create the best quality crops. Today we celebrate the King and the Netherlands. We look forward to continuing making an impact for the horticulture sector through the power of data.
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Chatting with colleague Sharon

From the 30MHz office in Amsterdam to Rotterdam. What are the most asked support questions and the best tips from colleague Sharon? Who are you & what is your role? I’m Sharon, originally from Nijverdal, but I’ve been living in Amsterdam for 8 years. I studied Communication Science, but I’m heading in a completely different ...
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Greentech Americas 2023: 3 takeaways

Where are ideal conditions to flourish agriculture & horticulture? In Central America. Water is a big issue. It is no coincidence that this year Greentech Americas will be held in Querétaro Centro de Congresos (QRO), México. From the 21st to 23rd of March, leading suppliers of advanced technologies from all over the world in horticulture ...
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