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Helping growers reign with data

We’re proud to help growers make data-driven decisions to grow more sustainable and create the best quality crops. Today we celebrate the King and the Netherlands. We look forward to continuing making an impact for the horticulture sector through the power of data.
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Chatting with colleague Sharon

From the 30MHz office in Amsterdam to Rotterdam. What are the most asked support questions and the best tips from colleague Sharon? Who are you & what is your role? I’m Sharon, originally from Nijverdal, but I’ve been living in Amsterdam for 8 years. I studied Communication Science, but I’m heading in a completely different ...
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Greentech Americas 2023: 3 takeaways

Where are ideal conditions to flourish agriculture & horticulture? In Central America. Water is a big issue. It is no coincidence that this year Greentech Americas will be held in Querétaro Centro de Congresos (QRO), México. From the 21st to 23rd of March, leading suppliers of advanced technologies from all over the world in horticulture ...
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30MHz makes a new start within Sobolt Group

On the 1st of February 2023, Sobolt Group reached an agreement about a restart of 30MHz. Sobolt is an innovative company that creates solutions for a sustainable future. The company makes an impact in the field of horticulture under the name Plantfellow. 30MHz will be continued as a brand with the existing service. All clients ...
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Now also weather data in the Irrigation Management App

The Irrigation Management App has been further expanded. The most recent expansion concerns the addition of weather data. Based on accurate weather forecasts, it is possible to manage even better and to deploy resources such as water and fertilizers even more efficiently and effectively. The Irrigation Management App is a great tool for optimizing cultivation ...
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Presentation Irrigation Management Kit at Mexican Greenhouse Conference

The Mexican Greenhouse Conference in El Marques, northwest of the capital Mexico City, is a leading horticulture conference, where hundreds of Mexican entrepreneurs come together. For two days, knowledge, information and inspiration are exchanged by numerous experts. On behalf of 30MHz, crop consultant Mark van der Werf spoke about optimizing the irrigation strategy using the ...
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Monitor EC: New Irrigation Management App feature

By popular request, we have added a new feature to the Irrigation Management App. As of today, you will be able to monitor EC (Electrical Conductivity) levels in your soil or substrate, next to the VWC (Volumetric Water Content) levels. EC measurements in the soil or substrate indicate whether too much or too little fertilizer ...
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30MHz working with partners to build a better future

Everyone has wants and needs – and as a customer, you want your supplier to understand what you’re looking for and use this information to improve its products and services. That’s just sound business logic, right? At 30MHz, that’s exactly how we do things. We find out what growers need and then work out how ...
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30MHz helps Mexican growers boost sustainability with affordable technological solutions

“The horticulture sector in Mexico is developing at a rapid pace. There are more than two hundred Dutch suppliers sharing their expertise in this wonderful country – including 30MHz. We’ve been active in Mexico for some time now, providing affordable technological solutions to help growers optimize cultivation.” Timo Spruijt, CCO at 30MHz, recently participated in ...
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The same yield with less water and fewer fertilisers

The right amount of water is essential for a healthy crop, and as an added bonus it’s more sustainable too. The 30MHz Irrigation Management app gives every grower control over their irrigation, and backs up instinct with reliable data. Thanks to this innovation, a crop gets exactly the quantity of water it needs. 30MHz presents ...
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