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Monitor EC: New Irrigation Management App feature

By popular request, we have added a new feature to the Irrigation Management App. As of today, you will be able to monitor EC (Electrical Conductivity) levels in your soil or substrate, next to the VWC (Volumetric Water Content) levels. EC measurements in the soil or substrate indicate whether too much or too little fertilizer ...
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30MHz working with partners to build a better future

Everyone has wants and needs – and as a customer, you want your supplier to understand what you’re looking for and use this information to improve its products and services. That’s just sound business logic, right? At 30MHz, that’s exactly how we do things. We find out what growers need and then work out how ...
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30MHz helps Mexican growers boost sustainability with affordable technological solutions

“The horticulture sector in Mexico is developing at a rapid pace. There are more than two hundred Dutch suppliers sharing their expertise in this wonderful country – including 30MHz. We’ve been active in Mexico for some time now, providing affordable technological solutions to help growers optimize cultivation.” Timo Spruijt, CCO at 30MHz, recently participated in ...
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The same yield with less water and fewer fertilisers

The right amount of water is essential for a healthy crop, and as an added bonus it’s more sustainable too. The 30MHz Irrigation Management app gives every grower control over their irrigation, and backs up instinct with reliable data. Thanks to this innovation, a crop gets exactly the quantity of water it needs. 30MHz presents ...
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30MHz takes efficient water consumption to the next level

We are launching a sustainable solution that allows growers to save up to 30% on their water consumption. The Irrigation Management App was developed together with users, and relies on data to helps growers optimize their cultivation strategy. The Amsterdam-based tech company has been praised on multiple occasions by leading market players for repeatedly placing ...
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30MHz on a mission with a trade mission to Mexico

30MHz is a tech company with a mission, and to reinforce it, we will be joining a trade mission to Mexico. Together with a select number of other Dutch companies, knowledge will be exchanged and contacts forged with Mexican government authorities and companies. The aim is to put specialist Dutch knowledge on the market to ...
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Growing under foil: Evanthia benefits from compact wireless sensors

Evanthia is one of the Dutch greenhouse horticultural sector’s many stars. It has been working under the shelter of glass for more than 25 years, cultivating cut flowers and tropical plants and breeding seeds. Cultivation is continuously optimised, thanks in part to the use of 30MHz sensors. Evanthia’s numbers are impressive. The company collaborates with ...
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4 case studies on monitoring and optimizing irrigation

How to monitor and optimize irrigation? Four users of the 30MHz platform explain how to use a the platform for accurate EC and water content information. “The ability to reprogram our irrigation and nutrient dosing is priceless. If we get the substrate wrong for even one day then we stand to lose 20-30% of our ...
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5 reading tips about data-driven horticulture for the holidays

Are you on holiday and do you have time to delve into data-driven horticulture? Then we have some great reading tips for you! An ebook full of stories from growers about the benefits they gain from working with data. A whitepaper that explains everything about dew point and an infosheet which explains in detail how ...
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Dew point: How wireless measuring at plant level can prevent wetting

The dew point is crucial for growers. With the right information about the dew point you can prevent the wetting of crops. You can keep diseases such as mildew and Botrytis out of the greenhouse. Experienced growers know from their instincts when things get exciting. Supported by the climate computer, it is easy to estimate ...
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