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Dew point: How wireless measuring at plant level can prevent wetting

The dew point is crucial for growers. With the right information about the dew point you can prevent the wetting of crops. You can keep diseases such as mildew and Botrytis out of the greenhouse. Experienced growers know from their instincts when things get exciting. Supported by the climate computer, it is easy to estimate ...
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Step 3: Pick the low hanging fruit … with the 30MHz solutions

The more you measure, the more you know. Gathering large quantities of data is a great way to identify patterns and opportunities for optimization and greater efficiency. But as with most things, when it comes to data, it’s quality that’s most important. Rather than aiming to quantify their environment in its entirety, growers should start ...
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Step 2: Find the low hanging fruit … in an easy to use dashboard

Smart technology and a user-friendly dashboard help growers to find opportunities to optimize cultivation. In this step we show that our technology and dashboard are very accessible. And that you can start small and make a big difference with just a few sensors. Our motto is: Keeping it simple. We’ve built our product to make ...
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Step 1: Look for the low hanging fruit … in data

Low-hanging fruit is often used as a metaphor for things where a lot of results can be achieved quickly and with relatively little effort. In this series of three steps, we show you how to score the low-hanging fruit in horticulture. Where does your search begin? In data! Growing consistent, high-yielding crops in environments we ...
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How to measure soil moisture for optimal irrigation?

Data-based horticulture is becoming increasingly important. Accessible, granular data enables growers to make better decisions and quick, effective responses to changing circumstances. Wireless sensors provide that data in addition to your climate system. For example, follow the moisture values in substrate slabs, potting soil or arable soil and use this data to optimize irrigation. Via ...
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The 6 benefits of using smart sensors in horticulture

Do you work in horticulture and do you want to save time and energy, but still want the best crop quality? Use smart sensor technology! These wireless sensors are easy to use in your greenhouse or polytunnel and send the data to your 30MHz dashboard. This is where all data comes together (also from your ...
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Need help? Call our support team! ☎

At 30MHz we think it’s important that our users can use our platform in an optimal way. At times you may have questions and you would like some help from our support team. Email, chat and our support page filled with helpful articles were your go to’s. But we thought it was time for something ...
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VPDleaf: even more accurate insight into VPD

VPD is an important value because it can tell you how a plant is feeling. VPD stands for Vapour Pressure Difference. At 30MHz, we express this in VPDleaf. This visualization shows the data from our wireless sensors even more accurately, which provides better insight into the health of your crop. What is VPDleaf? VPDleaf is ...
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In the picure at HortiContact 2022

On 10, 11 and 12 May, the horticulture sector gathered together in the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem. The booth of 30MHz at HortiContact 2022 received a lot of interest. From existing and potential customers, but also from other parties working in horticulture. Colleagues Natasha, Isabelle, Marloes, Hans and Steven showed the visitors the various sensors and ...
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How can you grow remotely? 6 useful features

Remote cultivation has become an integral part of modern horticulture. Many growers and consultants use online opportunities on a daily basis to help them improve their growing strategies. Our data platform is a great help in this regard. Discover the six features that make remote cultivation easy. First of all, it’s good to understand what ...
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