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Airflow sensor

Measure both wind speed and direction to monitor your climate

Measure both wind speed and direction

Detects the lowest wind speeds

Combine with other metrics on the 30MHz platform

Gain valuable insights on greenhouse climate
This wireless Airflow sensor measures both wind speed and wind direction. Because there are no moving parts in the design, even the lowest wind speeds are detected by this accurate sensor. With a resolution of 0.01 m/s, you couldn't get more detailed airflow information.

With this Airflow sensor you can measure airflow anywhere and accurately. It's easily moveable and suited for indoor and outdoor placement.

You can combine the Airflow data on the 30MHz platform to other measurements like temperature or relative humidity. Enabling you to gain new climate insights. Because this sensor is so accurate, you see in the platform exactly when and where there is a lack of air movement. Air speed has a direct impact on plants. A lack of air movement causes a static climate which leads to low evaporation and low nutrient uptake.

The Airflow sensor comes with a 30MHz Connect casing, which ensures a steady data flow and supplies power for up to 1 year.

With its accuracy, flexibility and low power consumption, this sensor is engineered to offer you a wide range of benefits. Especially in combination with the 30MHz platform. Giving you the opportunity to optimise your growing climate.

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