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Jacco van den Ende

Pepper grower Jacco van den Ende is a next-generation grower in a twofold sense. He has taken over the nursery from his father – who still works for him – and is looking into ways to improve the quality and quantity of his pepper plants.

By gathering as much data as possible via both his climate computer and the 30MHz hardware, Jacco gets some valuable insights. Recently, Jacco has combined both data sources in the ZENSIE dashboard. The ‘data-ingest’ yields a number of advantages for the way in which Van den Ende grows. He spends less time comparing data sets from metrics such as temperature or humidity. It also gives the experienced grower much more information about why certain values are unstable, making it easier to offer a uniform climate to the crops.

In this video Jacco elaborates on the benefits of linking the systems.

The collaboration is made possible in part by the province of Noord-Holland

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