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Allow us to (re-)introduce ourselves

January 09, 2019

These days, we meet many of our new customers via social media.

We love that— it’s real, it’s conversational, and it’s to the point.

When we ‘meet’ a new customer over social media, it means that something we’ve shared resonates, and we’ve clicked with a member of our extended community.

That ‘something’ might be a customer story, behind-the-scenes footage from a deployment, a new widget or a sensor “in the wild.” But just as one wouldn’t rattle off a CV when shaking someone’s hand, we tend not to launch into a full product pitch on the spot (we find that awkward, and inappropriate.) The risk, of course, is that first impressions can be skewed slightly towards the subject matter we first connect on.  Those who haven’t had a chance to explore our website might assume we’re just a hardware company (our platform! we’re so much more than that!), active only in certain markets (we’ve got deployments across five continents!) or focus exclusively on certain crops (we’re versatile!)

It’s nothing a conversation can’t fill in the blanks of, but for the sake of clear first impressions, and as an update to those who may have known us in earlier days (we’re growing quickly!), here’s a recap:

30MHz provides growers with a flexible data platform

That’s ZENSIE. ZENSIE is a powerful, but user-friendly platform that makes it easy to construct dynamic dashboards for all your team members, expressing data your way. Track historical trends and observe data in real-time with heatmaps, gauges, charts, graphs and readings superimposed on your own maps, diagrams and photos. Centered around interactivity and collaboration, ZENSIE makes it easy to learn and work together remotely. Teams can share data, annotate with images or tag each other in ongoing conversations, managing facilities across the world on desktop, tablet or mobile.

It’s not just for growers

Sure, quite a few of customers are greenhouse and indoor growers. But ZENSIE has applications across the chain, including cold store, arable and retail. Our greenhouse and indoor grower customers are diverse, focusing on crops from microgreens to leafy greens, cucumbers to tomatoes, peppers to aubergines and a whole range of ornamentals.

Sensors are our main data source…

Wireless sensors, that is. Our engineers source and assemble the best sensors in the industry. We ensure they’re rugged, wireless and calibrated to fit your context. To get started, 30MHz customers simply select the sensors they need, select a gateway (the heart of the wireless network, available in ethernet or 3G versions) and some repeaters to guarantee connectivity whatever the physical environment.

…but our data sources are diversifying

Alongside wireless sensor data, 30MHz customers can view data on root zone, climate control, and traceability within the ZENSIE platform. They  can express that data via the full range of widgets.

We’re built for integrations

Customers have called our two-way API “elegant” and “just what we hoped to see.” Have a look yourself.

Deployment is DIY

Plug and play’s the name of the game. Sensors arrive preconfigured, so all it takes is unboxing your hardware, plugging your gateway into ethernet and power, and waiting a few moments. It’s easy enough for the technology-phobic among us to set up, but we’re here to offer guidance and support if you need us.

Scale is no problem

The 30MHz platform was built by cloud experts. At its core is an architecture designed to handle high volumes of data. A single gateway can support sensors into the thousands, so customers can feel free to start small (or go big straight away) and scale at whatever pace their project requires. It’s all up to the customer— new sensors won’t compromise the strength of the network.

Don’t pay for more than you need

There are so many reasons “agtech” can be intimidating: overly complicated interfaces, time consuming deployments, and of course, cost. We try to eliminate all these potential barriers to deploying 30MHz tech. As mentioned above, we fully encourage customers to start small, get comfortable with a sensor deployment, see how painless the ZENSIE platform is, and scale accordingly. This past year, when a certain research firm spotlighted us as a technology to watch in the IoT Platforms for Agriculture space, our pricing model was specifically mentioned. This meant a great deal to us, as we strive to keep our pricing accessible to agribusinesses of all sizes. Besides a one time hardware investment, 30MHz customers pay a monthly data processing fee per sensor. This fee is capped at 4 EUR (5 USD) per sensor per month— the price for a sensor measuring in real-time. If real-time granularity is not needed, customers can adjust measurement frequency per sensor within the platform, and have the option to pause and restart sensors with a single click. Customers pay for exactly what they need, and nothing more.

We’re serious about collaboration

Some might say obsessed. And with good reason— we continue to see the results, not to mention the potential and possibilities. You can comment on widgets, track ongoing conversations in feeds, and create and brand groups for special projects, selecting exactly which sensors pertain to the groups.

From general dashboards to groups, 30MHz customers can invite users and assign them specific permissions based on roles. Here’s the breakdown:

We’re constantly growing

At the rate our product is developing, we’ll continue to need updates, recaps and new feature descriptions regularly. Any questions? Just ask us, we’re here to help!

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