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RTR growing kit

Optimize your plant balance and use your energy resources strategically

“The optimal balance between light and temperature at plant level is really important for optimal growth. The new RTR strategy app helps us with finding this optimal balance” – Gerben van Vugt, cultivation specialist at Anthura

Growers often waste energy because they don’t know the optimal temperature for the amount of light. This results not only in wasted energy resources but also in an unbalanced plant. Two issues:
  • Temperature is too low: not gaining benefits from your natural light source.
  • Temperature is too high: too much energy is being used without gaining results in plant growth.
Balancing the temperature and light your plant receives is crucial for healthy plant development. With the RTR growing kit we’ll set you up for success by determining your ideal Radiation-Temperature Ratio. So you can use this target temperature in your growing strategy. Efficient resource usage and a healthy plant is the goal.
Leafy greens under LED lights

Content of the RTR growing kit

  • RTR sensors
    RTR sensors €910
  • RTR strategy analyses & installation support
    RTR strategy analyses & installation support €1500
  • Gateway
    Gateway €560
  • Software subscription
    Software subscription €1188
  • Package discount 10%
    Package discount 10% - €241
  • Total €2169
RTR - no bg square KLEIN

RTR sensors
Wireless PAR & Temperature/humidity sensor for measuring light and temperature.

RTR strategy analysis
Data service with 6 Monthly reports and a 1:1 reflection call with one of our data experts where we highlight data insights for you as possible action points.

RTR app for live and long-term insights as part of the 30MHz software subscription.

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