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Plant climate growing kit

Create optimal growing conditions for your plant.

“Screen settings and irrigation timings were manipulated to reduce leaf and air temperatures and reduce VPD peaks. 30MHz tech allowed us to go beyond a traditional approach of just looking at the environment— we could actually monitor the plants themselves and identify and minimise stress, something you wouldn’t spot using other tools.” – Chris Need, Horticulture consultant in the UK

The climate box often falls short in providing an overview of the greenhouse climate. The climate between your plants differs from what 1 measurement point can indicate. The temperature inside your greenhouse can vary by 1 – 3.5 °C and humidity by 10 – 40%. Relying on a single measuring point can lead to unnecessary energy consumption, heightened disease risks, and compromised crop quality.

Is a specific area in your greenhouse underperforming? Pinpoint prolonged cold and humid spots by measuring at various areas on a plant level. By gaining detailed insights into your greenhouse climate, you can strategically adjust conditions to optimize plant quality and save energy.

With the plant climate package you can track the optimal growing conditions of your plant. Get insight in plant stress, prevent risks like condensation with the dew point calculations and maintain optimal VPD levels for your plant quality.

Content of the Plant climate growing kit

  • PMC sensors
    PMC sensors €3796
  • Gateway
    Gateway €799
  • Software subscription
    Software subscription €1188
  • Package discount 10%
    Package discount 10% - €380
  • Total €3416
Pointed Microclimate (PMC) - KLEIN no bg square 1

4x PMC sensor
Wireless Pointed Microclimate sensor for measuring air/surface temperature and humidity. It calculates: VPD, humidity deficit, absolute humidity, dewpoint. Minimum of 4 sensors to compare greenhouse areas. Ideal is 9 sensors per hectare.

30MHz software
1 Year access to the platform for live data insights, notifications & greenhouse heatmap visualization. 

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