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Optimal greenhouse climate at Trueharvest in Texas

May 05, 2023

Optimal climate in the greenhouse? TrueHarvest Farms is able to monitor the entire growth process with sensors. TrueHarvest is a hydroponic NFT leafy vegetable farm in Texas, US. 

Their focus is on producing high quality and nutritious food in the most sustainable way possible. The farm produces multiple types of leafy greens with a fully automated process. Automation & control is what ensures a consistent quality throughout the growing process. How is this monitored?

30MHz has developed custom sensor brackets to make integration of sensors in the hydroponic growing system as smooth as possible. “The sensors are of high quality and easy to work with. The plant level data that 30MHz provides, in combination with climate computer data, allows us to track plant growth and -health throughout the process. From germination up until harvest.”

Plant level conditions allow TrueHarvest farms to optimize the climate in the greenhouse for optimal yields and to reduce the risk of plant stress from, for example, diseases. Does this sound like bread & butter? Do you also want to optimize the greenhouse climate? Contact Dennis at

How can we help you digitise your cultivation process?
Analyse all kinds of information from different data sources such as climate computers, sensors and manual input in a central platform. Improve the production process of your crops, plants, seeds or bulbs together with advisors, distributors and researchers. We are happy to talk to you about which service model is most suitable for your company.

30MHz is typing… Our extended support team is ready to chat!

At 30MHz we think it’s important that our users can use our platform in an optimal way. At times you may have questions and you would like some help from our support team. Email and our support page filled with helpful articles were your go to’s. But we thought it was time for something extra… ...
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New 30MHz connect casing: How we protect your tech

To make sure your dataflow is fully protected, 30MHz introduces a new connect casing: waterproof, dust proof and even resistant to hits. This special shield will last longer and ensure a reliable dataflow from the connected sensor. What does that full protection mean? That’s what we will explain in this article. Watertight: resistant to wetness ...
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New: energy-saving app at Greentech

After a period of BETA testing, we will launch the new RTR energy-saving app at Greentech Amsterdam in 2 weeks. With the help of 3 dedicated customers, the initial tests have gone well and we dare to take the next step. Curious? Come to booth 03.307 on June 13, 14, or 15 and discover these ...
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