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How to create a ZENSIE account

To access the ZENSIE dashboard you need an invitation from us or from the organization owners. You will get a “Welcome to ZENSIE” email, including a link for creating a new password and activating your ZENSIE account.

How to log in to ZENSIE

If you used your google account to create a  ZENSIE account, click on the Sign in with Google.

If you used another email address, fill in your email and password to log in.

Installing the 30MHz hardware

This video guides you through the installation of the gateway, repeater and sensors and explains how you can start analyzing your data in our ZENSIE platform.

It might also come in handy to print out the pdf below and keep it with you during the installation.

ZENSIE basic concepts

Here are some of the main concepts that will help you get to know your ZENSIE.

How do we define Organizations and Locations in ZENSIE?
Organizations can have multiple locations. This feature is helpful when you want to monitor different environments located in different areas. For example, if you monitor room occupancy and you have two buildings, you can create two locations under the same organization.

User roles in ZENSIE
There are three roles:

  • owners
  • editors
  • followers

Depending on the role the user has, several features (permissions) are available. For example, the owner of the organization can invite users. Editors and followers cannot invite users.

Here’s a table that let’s you understand these differences a bit better:

Invite users
Edit user roles
Delete users
Create / edit / delete dashboards
Create / edit / delete sensors
Create / edit / delete widgets in dashboard
Create groups
Create / edit / delete notifications
Create / delete comment
Edit organization
Create data export
Delete data exportOnly owner of data exportOnly owner of data export
View billing

The Sensors page

View all your sensors and their info, add a new sensor or tag and start/pauze them.


By clicking on the main menu, and next, on the Sensors tab you’ll open the Sensors view.

At the Sensors view there is a list of all sensors and web checks created for an organisation. Some quick functionalities on this page are checking the status of your gateway, repeaters and sensors by clicking on the network icon on the top right:

and toggle the notifications on or off and start or pause a sensor: