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Irrigation Management App

Take the guesswork out of irrigation

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Optimize your irrigation and fertigation strategy

It’s important to manage soil moisture. Too little moisture in the active root zone reduce yields, while excess soil moisture can cause mould and root rot, and wash away minerals.

Getting the amount of moisture right is also important for the supply of nutrients. You want your plants to get enough nutrition and you want to prevent valuable nutrients from being washed out as a result of too much water. Optimize your irrigation and fertigation strategy with our advanced and easy to use solution.

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Who is this app for?

Managing soil moisture is an important task for all growers. It doesn’t matter if you grow vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants; instinct and experience are always important in this profession, but companies at the forefront use data.

Save 10-30% of irrigation water for the same yield of crop according to university case studies

Data-driven cultivation is the future, and this easy-to-use app helps you take an important step forward.

Saving water together

What does the app do?

In a clear line graph you can see the amount of available soil moisture (VWC) and the conductivity of water (EC). This, combined with the properties of your soil and crop, indicates when you need to irrigate. By operating within the threshold values, you never give too much water and you prevent drought stress.

The sensors of the Irrigation Management Kit also form an important link in the fertigation strategy. They also measure the salt content in the soil moisture. This EC value indicates the conductivity of water. This gives you insight into the supply of nutrients. This gives you an optimal grip on growth and prevents leaching of valuable fertilizers.

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Insights down to micro level

Monitoring this data reveals patterns, and creates insights into what’s happening down to the micro level. With all this knowledge, the irrigation and fertigation strategy can be optimized with all the associated benefits. And you can even set notifications and alarms. If the threshold values are reached, you receive a notification on your phone. A comforting thought.

The key values in the app are the VWC, MAD, FC, PWP and now also EC. If you’d like more in-depth info, we’ve got an free guide ready for you.

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What is the Irrigation Management Kit?

The Irrigation Management Kit was developed to optimize growers’ irrigation and fertigation strategies. The kit contains four Moisture sensors (TEROS 12 model), which carry out the measurements. The gateway collects the data, and forwards it to the Irrigation Management App where all the data is converted. This allows the grower to see exactly what’s happening via clear graphs in the 30MHz dashboard.

More about the kit

Provide continuity in irrigation and fertigation for optimal plant growth

How can we help you digitise your cultivation process?
Analyse all kinds of information from different data sources such as climate computers, sensors and manual input in a central platform. Improve the production process of your crops, plants, seeds or bulbs together with advisors, distributors and researchers. We are happy to talk to you about which service model is most suitable for your company.