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Soil sensor (Teros12)

Volumetric water content, dielectric permittivity, and soil temperature measurements

Aranet wireless soil sensor (Teros 12) within the 30MHz dashboard
This sensor measures volumetric water content, dielectric permittivity, and soil temperature for horticulture and other applications.
When attached to plant substrate*, this sensor: Measures water content in the substrate.
Monitors soil temperature for planting and seed germination. Indicates optimal fertilizer nutrient levels via electrical conductivity.

Insert sensor probes into the plant substrate* and observe the trend of the electric
conductivity as one of the growth indicators. Ideally, use 3 – 5 sensors per irrigation valve.

*optimal probe placement depends on the type of the crop as well as substrate and is a subject to experimentation.

For details read the specifications
Volumetric water content: 0 – 100 % (accuracy ±3 %)
Dielectric permittivity: 1 – 80 (accuracy ±3 %)
Temperature: −40 °C to 60 °C (accuracy ±1 °C)
Electrical conductivity: 0–20 dS/m (accuracy ±5% )
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