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When it comes to IoT, there’s nothing wrong with human intervention

Many people will likely put 30MHz under the umbrella term of Internet of Things. Granted, we’re a wireless sensor company working with connected devices. I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider in that category. As an engineer, when the industry predicts billions of devices online by 2020, I focus on the network limitations ...
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The ROI of Wireless Sensors

These days, you can’t go five minutes without hearing about the “massive and fundamental” ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world, with connected devices impacting the way we live, the way we work— even the way we dress. Networks of devices talking to each other, processing data from the physical ...
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How 30MHz facilitates precision agriculture

According to the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, agricultural producers have quickly adopted precision agriculture technologies in recent years. Among them  are digital soil mapping, vertical farming, hydroponics, drones and wireless sensor platforms. Business Insider even considers wireless sensors to account for more than half of fifteen emerging innovations in agriculture. Here at 30MHz ...
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30MHz profiled in the Dutch Financial Times

30MHz CEO and co-founder Jurg van Vliet was interviewed by the Dutch financial and business publication, Het Financieele Dagblad on 30MHz’s rapid growth, growing customer base as well as the state of wireless sensor technology and the industrial internet of things. Read the full interview here. [Dutch language]
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Installatiebedrijf Polytechniek reseller van 30MHz sensoren

Polytechniek B.V. is dealer van de 30MHz Sensor Toolkit en werkt met ons samen op het gebied van dataverzameling en dataverwerking. Het installatiebedrijf ziet veel kansen bij moderne installaties met veel mechatronica en digitale besturingssystemen. Deze beschikken ‘intern’ over zoveel gegevens dat onderhoud van statisch, mechanisch en gebaseerd op logboeken, naar digitale besturingstechnologie en proactieve ...
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