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Confidently fine-tuning growing strategies with data

Aflora, headquartered in Straelen (Germany), under the leadership of Peter Opschroef, is an exclusive producer of Anthuriums. It started with vegetable cultivation and evolved to Anthuriums. Alongside Anthuriums, they cultivate Hebe All Bloom. The facility boasts diverse greenhouses, each presenting unique challenges in maintaining optimal conditions. In recent years, Peter has been actively exploring data-driven approaches to refine cultivation strategies.


How to utilize external climate conditions

Peter has actively sought ways to maximize the efficiency of utilizing external climate conditions. The goal: a more precise understanding of the impact of environmental conditions on the plant’s growth. Through the implementation of a net radiometer, a pointed climate sensor, and a substrate sensor, Aflora has been able to paint a detailed picture of the plant’s energy balance.


Plant energy levels

The net radiometer gives insight into the amount of energy plants are receiving at an individual level. Combined with the plant temperature and Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) you get insight into the effects of energy levels on the plant. The clear data visualization on the 30MHz dashboard enables Aflora to fine-tune its screening strategy, optimizing the utilization of daylight and temperatures.


Photo efficiency

For further optimization of the screening strategy, Aflora has incorporated a photo efficiency sensor. This sensor provides valuable information about the conditions under which the plants perform at their best. With these additional data, Peter is able to make informed adjustments to the VPD and temperature strategies, further enhancing the cultivation process.


“30MHz provides me with precise information, instilling a greater sense of confidence in adjusting and optimizing my growing strategy. Implementing the 30MHz net radiometer allowed me to modify my screening strategy, resulting in a more efficient utilization of energy resources and growing a healthier crop.” – Peter Opschroef (Aflora)


Construction in Aflora's Greenhouse that contains the wireless 30MHz sensors

Movable sensor ‘house’ in Aflora’s greenhouse

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